RACP online interactive handbooks have been designed to help trainees and Fellows navigate requirements and readily access useful information and resources.

We acknowledge how busy our Fellows are and that many of you will require support in identifying which activities you have completed that will help you meet your mandated 2023 CPD requirements. We, as your CPD Team are here to support you!

We are offering phone interviews to enter in CPD activities on to your MyCPD record on your behalf.

CPD staff will record and enter the minimum CPD requirements for the 2023 year.

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Release date: May 2023

This resource allows trainees and supervisors to access curricula and handbooks for the new Advanced Training programs. These programs have not yet been implemented.

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The Advanced Training curricula outline what trainees need to learn, focusing on what trainees need to be, do and know by the end of training. The handbooks outline the requirements of training that trainees need to complete to demonstrate their learning.

These documents have been published ahead of their implementation. Implementation planning is underway and trainees and supervisors will be notified of implementation plans and timelines.

Release date: December 2019
Last updated: February 2023

This resource outlines the training program requirements for Basic Trainees in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health at early adopter training settings.

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The Basic Training Handbook in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health outlines the guidelines for training. It is updated annually and is current for one year. It should be utilised in conjunction with the Orientation resource and other Basic Training learning resources.

Release date: September 2019
Last updated: February 2023

The CPD handbook provides information to assist you in understanding your CPD requirements, and resources to assist you to meet those requirements particularly in category 2 - reviewing performance and category 3 - measuring outcomes. You will find resources to support: professional development planning (PDP); health and wellbeing planning; an annual conversation; peer review and peer review groups; multisource feedback; audit; your work as a supervisor of trainees etc.

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