RACP Online Learning is a dynamic online learning platform which brings members flexible, adaptable and social online learning resources.

RACP online learning resources have been developed in collaboration with subject matter experts, RACP Fellows and trainees. The resources available have been designed to support members’ professional development and lifelong learning needs.

Some of the resources available have been developed with external funds, such as grants from the Department of Health and Ageing and NSW Health.


RACP CPD Participants can claim the time they spend on online learning resources. Access the MyCPD Framework for more information.

Why online learning?

RACP Online Learning makes learning more accessible to RACP members. We understand RACP members are busy and on-the-go, and that’s why our online resources are designed to enable participants to dip in and out, or just do the parts that are relevant to them.

RACP online learning resources cover topics that form part of the College’s training curricula and the Professional Practice Framework. The content is grounded in real life experiences of trainees, Fellows, and OTPs to ensure relevance and applicability. Leveraging the benefits of the digital multimedia, the resources make use of video and audio scenarios as a method of delivery. Developed by members, for members, the interactive nature of our online courses enables participants to learn from their peers.

RACP Online Learning offers a range of different resource types, including:

  • Self-paced online courses
  • Educational video libraries, including Medflix and the College Learning Series
  • Live moderated courses, including the Supervisor Professional Development Program and Spaced Learning
  • Pomegranate Health Podcast
  • Curated Collections
  • Interactive Handbooks

Design principles

RACP online learning resources have been developed using the following design principles which take into consideration the varying needs of RACP members.

Self-paced over facilitated

Learners access the resource when it works best for their schedule rather than in synchronous cohorts. Resources are designed to enable learners to dip in and out and progress is automatically saved.

Optional over required

Learners are able to progress through online courses based on their needs. They can choose to complete the whole course, or just complete the parts that are relevant to them.

Non-linear over linear

Learners can explore the course topics in an order that works for them.

Open community of practice over closed course

Learners asynchronously engage with peers in a open community of practice rather than committing to a closed and timed course.

Interaction and engagement

Learners are engaged through a variety of content delivery formats and online activities.

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