Release date: July 2018
Estimated completion time*: 2 hrs

Supporting the provision of culturally competent and culturally safe, best practice medicine for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori patients through reflection on the physician’s own cultural values and recognition of their influence on professional practice.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational Activities

  • Introduction to Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety
  • Applying Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety Frameworks
  • Indigenous Context
  • What's Next?
  • In-depth content
  • Video scenarios
  • Reflection and discussion activities
  • Recommended resources
Contributors Working Group
  • Dr Has Gunasekera MBBS DCH MIPH (Hons) FRACP PhD, Chair
  • Dr Sandra Hotu FRACP Chair
  • Dr Joseph Lee FRACP FAANMS MBA PGDipClinUS
  • Janelle Speed
  • Dr Rajanikar Tota FRACP
  • A/Professor Wendy Edmondson
National Centre for Cultural Competence
  • Professor Juanita Sherwood
  • Dr Vanessa Lee
  • Leanne Kapoor
Mauri Ora Associates
  • Riripeti Haretuku
  • Dr Peter Jansen
  • Dr David Jansen
  • Dr Rees Tapsell
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