Release date: August 2016
Estimated completion time*: 2 hrs
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The Telesupervision online resource is a self-directed resource covering the process of supervision using technologies such as video conferencing, to support trainees and supervisors in rural and remote locations.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities

Learning outcomes

• Understand the uses of telesupervision in both rural and metropolitan settings.
• Recognise the differences between telesupervision and telehealth.
• Be familiar with the available technology that can be used in telesupervision.
• Describe the differences in goal setting using technology.
• Use telesupervision in a range of different contexts, such as clinics and ward rounds.


Video scenarios

• Part 1 – Using telesupervision on a ward round
• Part 2 – Using telesupervision in a clinic
• Part 3 – Using telesupervision in one to one interaction

Skills toolbox

• Defining telesupervision
• Telesupervision technology
• Telesupervision in practice

Authors: Dr David Allen FAFOEM
Dr Tessa Davis
Dr Jerome Goldstein
Dr Jaye Martin FRACP
Dr Corinne Ryan FRACP
Dr Sabe Sabesan FRACP
Dr Spencer Toombes FRACP
Dr Ramila Varendran FRACP
A/Prof Martin Veysey FRACP
Dr James Williamson FRACP
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