Release date: April 2016
Estimated completion time*: 3.5 hrs
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The Research Projects online resource is a self-directed resource covering the process of conducting RACP research projects. The resource includes interviews with six trainees, exploring their journey completing one of the acceptable types of RACP research projects:

• Research in human subjects, populations and communities or laboratory research;
• Audit; and
• Systematic review.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities

Learning outcomes

• Understand how to formulate a realistic and appropriate research question.
• Understand approaches to critically analyse relevant literature.
• Understand research methodology and scientific methods.
• Use effective scientific writing.
• Demonstrate awareness of research integrity.
• Demonstrate awareness of the importance of translating research to the workplace.
• Select approaches to collect and analyse data.
• Extract and articulate findings from data collected.
• Understand the use of evidence-based medicine.


Podcast interviews

Research in human subjects, populations and communities or laboratory research

• Dr Rachel Aitken
• Dr Catherine Bateman-Steel


• Dr Jithin Sajeev
• Dr Roshan Gunathilake

Systematic review

• Dr Simone Martin
• Dr Melissa Lai
Research process


• Review of evidence-based medicine
• RACP Research project requirements

Research process

• Finding a supervisor
• Identifying research gaps
• Designing a research question
• Conducting a literature review
• Research methods
• Ethics, integrity, collaboration and authorship
• Data collection and analysis
• Scientific writing
• Application to the workplace and clinical practice

Project types

• Research in human subjects, populations and communities or laboratory research
• Audit
• Systematic review

Authors: A/Prof Mark Boyd FRACP
A/Prof Franz Babl FRACP
Prof Mark Ferson FRACP FAFPHM
Dr Roshan Gunathilake FRACP
Dr Shaikh Javaid
Dr Vincent Lee FRACP
Dr Peter New FRACP
Dr Rebecca Nogajski FRACP
Dr Alice Stewart FRACP
Dr Paul Timmings FRACP
Peer reviewers: Dr Meera Agar FRACP FAChPM
Dr Petrina Caldwell FRACP
Dr Michael Gabbett FRACP
Dr Anthea Greenway FRACP
Dr David Krieser FRACP
Dr Joseph Lee FRACP
Dr Robyn Lucas FAFPHM
Dr Marcus McMahon FRACP
Dr Martina Moorkamp FRACP
Dr Helen Jean Moriarty FAChAM
Dr Megan Phelps FRACP
Dr Kirsty Ross
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