Release date: August 2021
Estimated completion time*: 1 hr

This resource aims to review the contemporary understanding of the use of opioids and offer clear operational guidelines for potential prescribers.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities Opioid prescription Opioid treatment Opioid safety Persistent pain Opioid dose Opioid harm Opioid consumption CDC Guidelines Acute pain Cease opioids Prescription drug monitoring program Benzodiazepine Morphine Naloxone Codeine

  1. Opioid treatment and dose
  2. The poor safety treatment of opioids
  3. Guidelines
  4. Patient Selection
  5. Research Gaps
  6. Morphine Milligram Equivalent Doses for Commonly Prescribed Opioids
  7. Conclusion
Version 1
Release Date August 2021