Enrolments 26 Apr 2021 onwards Alcohol Use Disorder is a diagnosis which is common in many populations and also one in which, in the past, there have been markedly divergent opinions on management. This resource aims to build capability and medical leadership in the treatment of this problem.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities Alcohol use disorder Alcohol pharmacology Alcohol dependence Alcohol withdrawal Alcohol withdrawal management Alcohol and pregnancy Alcohol related harm Alcohol and mental health issues Alcohol intoxication Alcohol treatment Genetics Neurobiology Biological markers Wernickes encephalopathy Relapse prevention

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Alcohol pharmacology
  3. Genetics, neurology and biological markers
  4. Tolerance and withdrawal
  5. Alcohol related harm
  6. Alcohol intoxication and health benefits
  7. Treatment
Version 1
Release Date April 2021