Release date: December 2019
Estimated completion time*: 21 hrs

Management is a role made up of an essential set of skills, including communication, self-reflection and conflict management. This course provides information about the whole role, and skills for best managing others. It is a detailed set of modules that allow you to investigate your own methods, and provides strategies for self-improvement. Change management is an essential skill to acquire, and the principles of this are addressed. Methods on how to run a successful meeting are outlined, along with how to recruit the right person for your team. A relevant explanation of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 with case studies to enhance understanding.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.


Format: Each module consists of online reading materials, statistics and case studies. There are multiple-choice, true/false and short answer questions throughout the module to assist with your learning.


1. The Role of Manager - Part 1 (25 mins), Part 2 (25 mins), Part 3 (30 mins)
2. Managing Others (30 mins)
3. Understanding Self as Manager (30 mins)
4. Change Management Principles - Part 1 (30 mins), Part 2 (30 mins)
5. Transitioning through Change - Part 1 (30 mins), Part 2 (30 mins)
6. Conducting an Effective Meeting - Part 1 (45 mins), Part 2 (30 mins)
7. Conflict Management - Part 1 (30 mins), Part 2 (30 mins)
8. The Recruitment & Selection Process (45 mins)
9. Behavioural Interviewing Techniques (30 mins)
10. Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (30 mins)

Authors: This was resource was developed by Fellows from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
Version: 2
Release Date: February, 2014 Revised Date: December, 2019