Release date: February 2014
Last updated: November 2018

Strong professionals have a level of skill with regards to clinical leadership, resilience, and their personal style with dealing with others and workload. This module discusses methods of these skills to develop your own technique to improve as a clinical professional.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities

Leadership Management Cinical Leadership Effective Leadership Clinical Performance Leadership Styles Facilitator Resilience Leadership Skills Resilient Organisation Four Frames Strategic Planning Collegiate Relationships Five Practices Model Culture Successful Leaders Change Management

Format: Each module consists of online reading materials, statistics and case studies. There are multiple-choice, true/false and short answer questions throughout the module to assist with your learning.


1. Characteristics of Clinical Leadership (45 mins)
2. Leadership Styles and Resilience (30 mins)
3. Leadership Skills (30 mins)

Authors: This resource was developed by Fellows from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
Version: 2