Release date: November 2018

This resource aims to introduce Australasian medical specialists to genomics and help them appropriately:

  • Discuss genomics with patients and their families
  • Refer patients for genomic testing
  • Be involved in genomics’ broader integration into healthcare

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities Genetics Genetic Genomics Genes DNA Genome Hereditary Inheritance Biology Genome Sequencing Genetic Test Genomic Test Genetic Disease Testing

  1. Genetics Refresher
  2. How Genome Sequencing Works
  3. Clinical Applications of Genomic Testing
  4. What Makes Genomic Testing Different?
  5. Ordering Genomic Tests and Referring to Genetic Services
  6. The Genomic Testing Team and Their Roles
  7. Discussing Genomic Testing with Patients
  8. Understanding Genomic Reports
  9. Returning Genomic Results to Patients
  • In-depth content
  • Video interviews
  • Quizzes and activities
  • Additional resources
Version 1
Release Date November 2018