Release date: November 2014
Last updated: October 2018
Estimated completion time*: 1.5 hrs

Helping smokers quit is a complex area, with many smokers continuing to smoke despite their medical circumstances. This resource provides an evidence-based approach to a range of interventions tailored to individual cases.

*The estimated completion time is an approximate guide and does not account for time spent on optional additional readings and activities.


Tags: Category 1 Educational Activities

Format: There are five cases in this module, each addressing a different complexity in relation to smoking cessation. Each case consists of statistics, expert feedback and short answer questions to assist with your learning.


1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (30 min)

2. Depression (1.5 hours)

3. Pregnant, Indigenous teenager (30 min)

4. Alcohol dependence (1.5 hours)

5. Harm-reduction/Schizophrenia (30 min)

Author: Dr Renee Bittoun
Dr Colin Mendelsohn 
Version: 1