Release date: June 2013

In order to ensure that Addiction Medicine practitioners emerge as consultants able to provide opportunistic interventions for patients with alcohol or other drug problems, this resource aims to increase skills and knowledge in these areas.


Tags: Category 1 Educational Activities

Format: Each module consists of online reading materials, statistics and case studies. There is multiple-choice, true/false and short answer questions throughout the module to assist with your learning.


1. Brief Interventions Introduction (30 mins)
2. Alcohol (30 mins)
3. Tobacco (30 mins)
4. Cannabis (1 hour)
5. Counselling Skills (1 hour)

Author: Members from the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine Online Modules Advisory Group:
• Dr Mark Hardy, FAChAM (Chair)
• Prof Paul Haber, FRACP, FAChAM (Chair)
• Dr Olga Lopatko (Lead)
• Dr Kate Conigrave
Version: 1