Pomegranate Health presents compelling stories about medicine and society: how doctors make difficult ethical and clinical decisions, how they can communicate with patients and how health delivery can be made more equitable. The podcast is produced by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians to inspire excellence in practice. You’ll hear from clinicians, researchers and advocates.


Format: Podcast (audio)


Episode 44: Cervical Screening–Less Is More

Episode 43: What’s in a Name? - Disruption Part 2

Episode 42: The Value Proposition- Disruption Part 1

Episode 41: Targeting Diabetes

Episode 40: Rebooting CPD Part 2—Feedback and Audit

Episode 39: Rebooting CPD Part 1—Origins

Episode 38: Making a Connection

Episode 37: Ethical Dilemmas—Congress 2018

Episode 36: Acute Coronary Syndrome Part 2—Secondary Prevention

Episode 35: Acute Coronary Syndrome Part 1—Diagnosis

Episode 34: Diagnostic Error Part 2—Systems

Episode 33: Early Days for Cannabis Therapy

Episode 32: Diagnostic Error Part 1—Cognitive Bias

Episode 31: Ngā Kaitiaki Hauora

Episode 30: Being Human

Episode 29: Drug Interactions and Deprescribing

Episode 28: Transitions to Fellowship

Episode 27: Severe Asthma

Episode 26: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 2

Episode 25: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 1

Episode 24: Social Medicine – Themes from Congress 2017

Episode 23: Managing Autism in the ED

Episode 22: Transitions to Retirement

Episode 21: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 2

Episode 20: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 1

Episode 19: Health, Disease and Death in the Early Colony

Episode 18: Integrating Health and Social Care

Episode 17: Better Practice in Paeds

Episode 16: Mind the (Gender) Gap

Episode 15: Methamphetamine – Beyond the Hype

Episode 14: Fever of Unknown Origin

Episode 13: A Fresh Start for Disability Services

Episode 12: Perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Episode 11: Adolescent Health Adds Up

Episode 10: Evolving Your Practice

Episode 9: The Gut Microbiome and IBD

Episode 8: Obesity Inside Out

Episode 7: The Art of Supervision

Episode 6: Antibiotic Resistance – Are We All Doomed?

Episode 5: Physician, Heal Thyself

Episode 4: Stem Cell Therapies Today

Episode 3: Law at End-of-Life

Episode 2: Cultural Humility

Episode 1: Recognising Death