2017 resources

These resources have been released in 2017:

  • Creating a Safe Workplace: responding to bullying and harassment has been designed to help physicians determine the resources available and appropriate steps for preventing and dealing with bullying and sexual harassment. Also included are supporting materials that will help identify and promote strategies to prevent and deal with bullying and harassment and evaluate the impact of workplace behaviour on colleagues, patients and health outcomes.

  • Physician Self-Care and Wellbeing will help physicians adopt pro-active strategies so they can aim to thrive in their work, and help others to do the same. This resource has a collection of supportive materials that physicians will find useful in developing their own self-care plan, and also in promoting a culture of wellness in the workplace, and throughout the profession.

  • Training Support: helping trainees get back on track explains the process to supervisors and trainees so they work together effectively to address training difficulties. It provides examples of how to identify a trainee in difficulty and understand the College‚Äôs policy and training support pathway which aims to support trainees so they can get back on track quickly.

  • Methamphetamine has been developed in consultation with NSW Health. The resource aims to build the resilience of frontline workers and empower them to confidently manage methamphetamine abuse on the frontline. The resource puts media hype into perspective: debunking myths about the scale of methamphetamine abuse. Frontline workers will learn how the skills they have already in treating substance abuse directly translate to methamphetamine presentations.

The following eLearning resources will be released later this year:

  • Cultural Competence is designed to support physicians in providing culturally sensitive and appropriate healthcare. The resource focuses on Indigenous health; particularly the health outcomes of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori communities. The course guides physicians to create safe consulting environments for Indigenous patients. Physicians will explore their own cultural identity; inherit biases; and role in building a more tolerant healthcare system.

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