Buddy practice session #2

Buddy practice session #2

This week, we will practice giving feedback to a challenging trainee, with your buddy. The video below details the steps you need to take to organise and complete your practice, but we also have a handy checklist if you would prefer.

Similarly to the conversations we had in Week 2, you will need a buddy. You can work with the same person you worked with in Week 2. If for any reason you do not have a buddy, please let the facilitator know.

After watching the video, make sure you read about your role, and the details of the scenario you will be practicing.

After talking to your buddy, answer the questions on the discussion forum.

Note: this is a compulsory activity, required to complete this course. It is important to practice feedback conversations, not only to re-enforce what you've learned from watching these videos, but to incease your familiarity, comfort and confidence in holding and delivering feedback conversations, should you encounter a challenging trainee.

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