Release date: June 2013

Alcohol and drug use during pregnancy is a major risk factor for maternal morbidity and neonatal complications, but the prevalence of substance use by women that are pregnant or are of childbearing age is quite high. Early detection by screening of all pregnant women and those planning pregnancies should be a priority. These modules address the assessment of women broadly, and detailed information with regards to alcohol, tobacco and opioid use.


Tags: Category 1 Educational Activities

Format: Each module consists of online reading materials, statistics and case studies. There is multiple-choice, true/false and short answer questions throughout the module to assist with your learning.


1. Assessment of Women (2 hours)
2. Alcohol Use in Pregnancy (2 hours)
3. Tobacco Use in Pregnancy (2 hours)
4. Opioid Use During Pregnancy (2 hours)
5. Care of Infants and Children (2 hours)

Author: Dr Mark Hardy, FAChAM (University of Sydney)
Version: 1