Release date: December 2018

This resource helps identify and overcome common quality and safety challenges in health workplace.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational Activities Improving quality and safety Disability-Adjusted Life Years DALYs Morbidity Mortality Health Quality and Safety Commission Health professional’s wellbeing Quality in healthcare Safety in health care Australian Safety and Quality Framework Take Action A mindset of prevention Prevention Safety culture Risk management Safety calendar Safety lead Safety champion Incident reporting Incident investigation Patient safety audit Incident reporting Causes of incident Feedback Minor incident Near misses Improve reporting Checklists Patient safety Patient centred care Common Quality and safety challenges Poor communication Performance factors Framing bias Availability bias Premature closure Conscious bias Unconscious bias Fatigue Stress Burnout Quality and safety challenges Quality and safety strategies Championing quality and safety Advocating for quality and safety Safety champion Evolve Physician wellbeing Anxiety Poor concentration Overwhelm RACP Support Helpline Lifeline Professional support services Delivering patient centred care Patient centred care Picker’s eight principles Patient centred communication Quality and safety organisations

  • Quality and safety 101
  • Take action
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Wellbeing and Patient centred care
  • Quality and safety organisations
Contributors Working Group
  • A/Prof Ian Scott
  • Dr Karina Powers
  • Dr Lyn-Li Lim
  • Dr Victoria McKay
  • Dr Kirsty Ross
  • Prof George Rubin
  • Dr Jay Ramanathan
  • Dr Meenakshi Rattan
  • Dr Kwang Chien Yee
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