The Rural Outcomes Measurement Enhancement Project produced a series of modules on the topic of Health Management in Rural Settings. These topics focus on areas of Indigenous health, geriatric health and sepsis management.

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Tags: Category 1 Educational activities

Format: Each module consists of online reading materials, statistics and case studies. There are short answer questions with expert answers throughout the module to assist with your learning.


1. Falls, Fractures and Outcomes for Older People (35 mins)
2. Indigenous Health Outcomes (20 mins)
3. Management of Severe Sepsis (35 mins)
4. Cultural Consideration in Aboriginal Communities (1h 20m)
5. Mental Health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (35 min)


Dr Jeremy Christley, FAFRM (Project Chair, Clinical Lecturer University of Wollongong)
Prof Ian Cameron, FAFRM (University of Sydney)
Dr Laura Ahmad, FRACP (University of Sydney)
Dr Jenson Mak, FRACP, FAFRM
Dr Carole Reeve, FAFPHM (Flinders University)
Dr Spencer Toombes, FRACP
Dr Steve Mcgloughlin, FRACP
Prof Brett Thomson, FACRRM, FARGP, FRACGP (University of Wollongong)
Prof Tony Burrell, FANZCA, FCICM(Clinical Excellence Commission)
A/Prof Robert Parker, FRANZCP (Flinders University)
Ms Bilawarra Lee (Elder on Campus, Flinders University)
Ms Mary Fullick (Clinical Excellence Commission)

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Release Date: February, 2014 Revise Date: September, 2018