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College Learning Series

This resource supports trainee development in leadership, management and teamwork skills and work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams. This resource should be completed by Basic Trainees at early adopter settings as part of the new Basic Training Requirements.

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Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this resource, participants will be better equipped to:

  1. Recognise different leadership styles and their healthcare context
  2. Identify personality style and how this impacts leadership, management, and teamwork skills
  3. Identify the links between leadership and management
  4. Recognise different management styles and their healthcare context
  5. Identify ways to manage self, work, and others
  6. Develop an understanding of the importance of teamwork in health-care
  7. Recognise how to apply teamwork principles in patient centred care
Author RACP
Version 1
Release Date October 2020

This resource outlines the training program requirements for Basic Trainees in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health at early adopter training settings.

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The 2021 Basic Training Handbook in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health outlines the guidelines for training in 2021. It is updated annually and is current for one year. It should be utilised in conjunction with the Orientation resource and other Basic Training learning resources.

This online course provides Basic Trainees with information, resources, video demonstrations and study tools to assist them in preparing for, and sitting, the Divisional Written and Clinical Examinations.

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Learning outcomes

  1. Understand what to expect on the examination days
  2. Understand the structure and process of both the written and clinical examinations
  3. Be familiar with the expected standards and assessment criteria of the written and clinical examinations
  4. Know where to access to a range of study tools and useful resources
  5. Gain a better understanding of different study strategies and approaches
  6. Understand the process for transitioning to Advanced Training after passing the examinations
Contributors and Reviewers
  • Dr Joseph Lee (Chair)
  • Dr Aaron Ooi
  • Dr Elizabeth Connolly
  • Dr Moushumi Das
  • A/Prof Christopher Holmes
  • Dr Rani Bhatia
  • Dr Christopher Lomma
  • Dr Patrick Cox
  • A/Prof Christopher Holmes
  • Dr Patrick Cooney
  • Dr Hannah Brownstein
  • Dr Zena Barakat
Version 1
Release Date September 2020

This resource is designed to give you all the information you need to start your training journey with the RACP.

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Learning outcomes

Better understand how to:

  1. fulfil the requirements for progressing through Basic Training.
  2. act in accordance with the program structure, curricula, assessment and timelines.
  3. identify sources of learning, information and support provided by the RACP.
  4. identify the purpose and application of key Basic Training tools and resources.
  5. apply advice for wellbeing and self-care.
  6. demonstrate an understanding of the structure, roles and responsibilities of the RACP people and organisations involved in training.
  7. be proactive in planning career pathways and future opportunities at the RACP, including transition to Advanced Training.
Author RACP
Version 1
Release Date September 2020