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    Developed to help trainees develop a minimum level of knowledge and skills in an area of medicine in which there is variable levels of evidence to guide practice, and often divergent opinions on management, the Palliative Medicine Pain Management Modules have been specifically designed in the context of the RACP Advanced Training Curriculum for Palliative Medicine.


    Format: The course presents relevant scenarios in a series of 3 long cases and 7 short cases. The long cases address in depth the management of patients in the community, hospital and in patient palliative care setting. The short cases address specific issues around pain management. Through an interactive, case-based approach, you can answer a series of case-based questions and then view expert answers written by Palliative Medicine physicians. A list of additional readings is included at the end of each section for trainees who wish to further explore the topic.

    Long Cases

    1. Palliative Care in the Community Setting
    2. Palliative Care in the Tertiary Setting
    3. Palliative Care in a Palliative Care Unit

    Short Cases

    1. Opioids in Renal Failure
    2. Intrathecal Analgesia
    3. Mucositis
    4. Prescribing Errors
    5. Tenesmus
    6. Pain Assessment in the Profoundly Disabled Child
    7. Non-pharmacological Management of Pain

    Authors: Dr Anil Tandon, FRACP
    Dr Peter Eastman, FRACGP, FAChPM
    Dr Helen Lord, FAChPM
    Dr Vicki Tai, FRACP, FAChPM
    Dr Sharon Ryan, FRACP, FAChPM
    Dr Simon Allan MD FRACP FAChPM FR
    Dr Melanie Lovell FRACP, FAChPM
    Dr Elissa Campbell
    Version: 1
    Release Date: July, 2014 Revise Date: N/A
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